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Build a brighter future for your municipality or public entity by utilizing our extensive library of planning-focused resources. Each video, whitepaper, and article is here to help you and your planning team create, maintain, and execute your financial plans better, with or without Synopsis. Have an idea that you would like to see covered? Reach out to us here.

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Videos & Webcasts

Our video resources cover a plethora of topics including local government financial planning challenges and discussions with municipal finance directors.

Property Tax Resiliency

Can You Afford a No Tax Increase

Property taxes are a key source of revenue for local government. In this video, we will cover how property tax revenues are affected by economic scenarios

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New Growth Projections

Finding the New Boundaries of Your Financial Reality

See how the growth assumptions related to various revenue streams and expense categories are quickly altered to show a more comprehensive view of the future.

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Budget Revision Impacts

Predicting Long-Term Consequences of Short Term Decisions

In this video, we show how Synopsis allows users to easily update budget assumptions that directly connect to financial graphs and charts

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We have harnessed the knowledge of industry leaders to produce whitepapers that will accelerate your understanding of financial planning.

Local Government Impacts and Responses to COVID-19

Like other periods of economic strain and distress, government leaders charting a course through COVID-19 must evaluate the trade off between maintaining essential public services and instituting austere measures to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

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Best Practices in Fund Balance

Public officials are expected to maintain a stable set of public services throughout any economic life cycle. Learn what constitutes an appropriate fund balance and the benefits of maintaining accessible funds in this unique Synopsis whitepaper.

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Articles & Infographics

Get quick financial planning takeaways and best practices with the below articles and infographics.

Synopsis Overview

Synopsis Overview

Download this 2 page PDF to understand how Synopsis could benefit your local government, municipality, or school district. Easy to share with colleagues, finance directors, or council members!

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5 Ways to Potentially Boost Your Credit Rating

Learn how proper forecasting techniques coupled with understanding and communicating rating agency expectations could potentially boost your public entity's credit rating.

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5 Best Practices in Municipal Financial Planning

The Great Recession may be behind us, but local governments continue to grapple with unbalanced operating budgets and inadequate reserves.

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